We are changing our facility's layout to accommodate individual student desks, study chairs, school material, and robust internet connection for their online learning. Gymnastics World will provide staff to organize and supervise the students of all grades for the entire school period and organize their breaks, snack, and lunchtime. 


We are committed to following all CDC guidelines, respecting social distancing, wearing masks during study time, limiting interaction between the students, and limiting the group's size in the facility.


We will open our facility as early as our students need to start school (we will respect the county or school class schedule), and have the children under our supervision until practice starts or parents pick them up.


As a sports facility, the Physical Education will be provided after school time for all students that want to take as complimentary services. Physical education sessions have been shown to have positive effects on learning, including: * Increased concentration * Increased attentiveness in class * Better grades * Better behavior


All children will need to bring their own lunch when come to the facility. We recommend healthy meals that include fruits, vegetables and lean protein. We offer refrigerator and microwave if needed. The students will have specific lunch schedule and lunch site.


Our staff is background check approved, CPR certified, and hold a college education degree related to education. While Gymnastics World will not provide academic instruction, we will ensure the children are engaged in their online classes, following the correct schedule, keeping safe and healthy habits. Additionally, our staff will create a trusted link between the children's online school time and their parents.


Our Online School Supervision will be available from Monday through Friday from 7:15 am until the end of the school day (approximately 3:20 pm). Students will be able to register for as many as five days a week. Limited spots are available.