How to start:


If your child is 6 years old or older we will welcome her in our Girls Beginner's Program.

On your first visit our USA Gymnastics Certified coaches will guide your daughter through a full class to asses all skills and potential she has, from that point we will direct you to what best fits the gymnast. Our coaches will give you their feedback and suggestion on what class will best benefit your child.

We offer three initial levels that will teach the young gymnastics the basics of gymnastics in all 4 women's events, terminology and conditioning exercises.

Our Girls Beginner program is a non-competitive program that meets twice a week for one or one and a half hours. It welcomes young girls to the sports and teaches the basics of gymnastics, general conditioning, discipline and motivates the kids to be active.

Benefits of girls gymnastics classes.

Gymnastics classes can provide your child with a number of physical benefits, regardless of the child's age or ability. Gymnastics will increase strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. They will learn balance on the beam, as well as power when they vault. The bars and rings will encourage them to lift, swing and move their bodies in new ways. USA Gymnastics points out that gymnastics classes can help train children for any other sport they choose to pursue, as they get older. The athletic foundation is put in place via gymnastics classes.