“Provide a Terrific Learning Environment for Recreational and Team Gymnasts”

The learning environment is perfect for fast improvement and success for every child regardless of level of ability at our summer gymnastics camps.


Minimum Age: 4yrs old | Full Day: 9am - 4pm; $200/wk | Half day: 9am - 1pm or 12pm - 4pm; $170/wk

Recreational Camp – All Weeks

$1,400 /ALL


All weeks (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10)


$100 /WEEK


Gymnastics World provides before care (from 7am) until the start time of your child's camp (usually 9am or 10am). Our after care hours are form 4pm to 9pm at night. During our before & after care our staff will provide your child(ren) activities base on availability and schedule and we will make sure our instructors have them under close observation, feeling well and comfortable.


Rhythmic Team Camp

GW (Jul 17 - Jul 21)

Rhythmic Team Camp

GW (Aug 14 - Aug 18)

Rhythmic Team Camp

Chantilly (Jul 10 - Jul 14)

Rhythmic Team Camp

Chantilly (Aug 21 - Aug 25)

The Benefits of Gymnastics World Camps

Building From Day To Day

The 5 days a week gymnastics camp allows us to work on Tuesday what we did on Monday. Wednesday builds on Monday and Tuesday and you can see how this can benefit the gymnasts as they learn. This is very different when compared to the 1 or 2 classes a week during the year.

Motivated Athlete

Camp is a new situation. Camp has coaches that the children probably haven’t worked with before. This usually means that the child is motivated to show off for the new coaches. Therefore more focus, your child will work harder and your child will be more motivated to do whatever it takes to learn and showoff. A very good learning situation.

Motivated Coaches

On the flipside the coaches have new gymnasts to work with so THEY are more motivated to be at their best in their teaching. In my experience camp has brought out the best in the camp coaches. Therefore more learning will happen.

Longer Rotations

A huge advantage at camp is that we have time to work on each event for periods of 30 – 45 minutes rather than the 10 – 15 minutes in regular classes. I am sure you can see how much more can be learned with this extended time on each event. Learning multiplies a huge amount because of the ex- tended periods of time at the events.


Because camp is usually 5 days long the gymnasts and the coaches are under the gun to get things done by the deadline of Friday when camp finishes and everyone goes home. Learning is not “as it happens” because it HAS to happen by Friday. At least that is the concept of camp. It is a good con- cept. It gets the gymnasts working harder along with the coaches. Good camp coaches use this Friday deadline to help motivate the gymnasts.

A Great Place For Non Gymnastics Students

Our summer gymnastics camps are great for children who do not have the time to take regular weekly classes during the year. Gymnastics training HELPS ALL SPORTS!