Gymnasts 5 years old and older with or without experience can participate in the Fast Track Program. Increasing the training density (more time on the floor working rather then waiting in line) and attention spam while working one-on-one the children can improve up to 3 times faster than in regular group practices. We suggest from 2 to 4 classes per week, the lesson can be scheduled around the family’s availability.


Fast Track Program for pre-school gymnasts focuses on achieving the greatest amount of success in the least amount of time. The Fast Track Program gives children a sense of identity. It is a special time just for them where they can interact with their coach and work together to improve their skills and achieve new ones while building confidence. The lesson plans are developed towards each child's needs.



Personalized lesson plans

Our coaches will use a process that involves the athletes learning drills and skills based on personal physical abilities. Together with the ongoing feedback and training methods, we experiment athletes improving at a much shorter time frame. This way, they understand success as the individually met goals of each athlete rather than the group.

Video assessments

Coaches will take videos of skills and drills performed during practice time. IT will be uploaded to a shared file where parents can see it and follow the child's progression. We find this extremely valuable when the athletes see what they are doing and how much they are deviating from perfection when measuring the improvement of the skill or drill. The file is only accessible by parents and coaches.

Personal weekly feedback

Every week athletes will receive coach's feedback based on their performance during the week. This feedback will be loaded to the shared file and will contain what was focused on each event, what was accomplished and what modifications were done to the training. It will help parents, athlete and coaches to identify what are the challenges and immediately re-direct the work.

Parent's accessibility

Parents will have access to a shared file containing video assessment and weekly written feedback. Through the "Parent Portal" parents will see the list of skills in each event and how close their chjildren are from attaining the skill. This design is intended to involve parents in their child's practice and keep them motivated toward the next step of the training.

More efficient work time

No waiting in line, more attempts, no distraction by friends or other group issues. Studies show that one-on-one practice can be two or more times effective than group classes, especially for attention spam during the practices. Besides more effective practice and quicker improvement in less time, your child will also be gaining the ability to concentrate longer and process information faster benefiting their academics and other activities in their lives.

Cost effective

Fast Track Program cancost as low as $36 per class. While the cost is close to 50% lower than the regular private lesson, we design the program to be accessible to as many families as possible and more beneficial than a regular private lessons due to the consistency of the schedule associated with other benefits like parent portal accessibility, shared file, video assessments, and weekly feedback.


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