Gymnastics World coaches are familiar with boys, girls, recreational, preschool and aerobic gymnastics programs. Our coaches work is based on gymnasts of all ability levels and ages. Their specialties include tumbling, recreational gymnastics, preschool gymnastics and cross-training for other sports. All private lessons begin with a warm up to get muscles and joint ready for larger movements. We then move on the specific event and/or skill training, all customized around what the gymnast has requested and what he/she would like to develop further. All athletes should feel that they have had a worthwhile experience that has improved their gymnastics/skills! Days and Times: Contact us to schedule  your private lesson day and time Private or Semi-Private: Families have the Option to choose a private lesson (one child for one hour) or a semi-private lesson (combines 2 children for one hour). For all semi-private lesson, the students split the cost of the lesson. Private lessons fees start at $75/hour.

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